I love my Never-Ending Notebook! As a lover of keeping notes, sketching and planners it was a no brainer for me to get my hands on one of these and it didn’t disappoint. The 6 month planner helps me keep track of appointments, to do lists, word counts, social media and more. The notebooks are where I keep my inspiration, ideas, storylines and other thoughts and I love using my sketch book to draw some of my ideas. My favourite part is that I could personalise the planner to my taste. I’d be lost without my Never-Ending Notebook!

Author L J Higgins


“I really love my Never-ending Notebooks (yes I have more than one).  I have one for my everyday needs including my Planner, Shopping List & Notes.  I also have NN’s to keep my Study Notes together for the different courses I am undertaking.  What I really love is the being able to replace the notebooks once they are full.  There are endless opportunities with The Never-ending Notebook, and I for one will never be without mine.”

Never-ending Notebook customer.

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